Hofacker's Hillside Orchard, LLC

Apple availability guide

**Reminder to check our Home Page for the apples currently available, as these dates are just an approximate date when they will be ready.

 Apple Varieties Available At Our Orchard  
Apple type      Used for: Approx. date     Pick
    Apples are ready Your Own
Yellow Transparent Eating, Baking, Sauce Early August      -
Paula Red Eating (tart), Baking, Sauce  Late August      x
Williams Pride Eating (sweet), Baking, Sauce Late August      -
Zestar Primarily eating (early Honeycrisp) Late August      -
Mollies Primarily eating (early Delicious) Early/Mid September      x
McIntosh Eating, Baking, Sauce (tender) Mid September      x
Cortland Eating, Baking, Sauce (firm) Mid September      x
Honeycrisp Primarily eating  (very crisp) Mid/Late September      x
Gala Primarily eating Mid September      x
Empire Eating, Baking, Sauce (firm) Late September      x
Spartan Eating, Baking, Sauce Late September      x
Wolf River Baking Late September      x
Russets Primarily eating Early October      x
Greenings Baking Early October      x
Jonagold Primarily eating Early October      -
Red Delicious Primarily eating Early/Mid October      x
    -  already prepicked, available in store
   x  pick your own or available prepicked in store

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